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From the Ralph Rumpelton Collection Of Fine Art.

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My Daddy’s Ghost?

               Tales From The Weird

Let me set the story. My father died fifteen years ago.
My mother calls me up the other day and says “something very strange happened  before.” I said, “what.” She say’s, “This Saturday would have been our 61 wedding anniversary.  I’m having coffee with Joe and the phone rings. I pick it up and nobody answering. I thought it was an automatic phone solicitor. Then I look at the phone to see who’s calling and it’s daddy. I show Joe the phone and she can’t believe it.”
As she’s telling me this, she crying. So since I don’t believe in ghost, I’m thinking there has to be a reason this happened. I call her back the next day to see what the phone number daddy called from. My mother says, “he called from my place.”
Let’s get this straight. My father’s ghost is in my mothers house, uses her phone to call her, at the same number.
Like I said, I don’t believe in ghost but this is just weird.