Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Great Book Purge

I love to read. When I worked in Manhattan, I went through two books a week. I read mostly on the train.
Since I live in a small co-opt, I don’t have much room. So I turned my walk in closet into my library. I have my books and music in there. Unfortunately it’s gets crowed in there and I had books all over the place in there.
There were two times I gave away a bunch of books. Now whenever I see a book on the net that I used to have, it pains me. See, if I had a bigger place I’d make the basement into my personal space and have bookshelves all over the place in there. Even if I don’t read the book again, I can look at the cover and remember what the book is about.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Ever Notice

Ever notice that the people that never did drugs in their life are the first people to make drugs jokes and act like they’re high.

Way To Piss Off The Majority

of American’s that voted for Hillary Clinton.
                  “I’m your next president.”

The Scary Tree

The co-opt where I live installed new lights outside the building. They happen to be right outside my bathroom window. They’re so bright I don’t have to turn on my bathroom light.
I sent an email to the girl that lives upstairs from me and asked her what she thought of the lights. She said she don’t need a nightlight in her bathroom anymore. She asked me why they did it. I told her for two reasons:
  1. For safety.
  2. So people can watch me take a shower.
It’s so bright, I don’t turn on the light in the bathroom when I take a shower.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Stupid People On The Radio

I know, there’s a bunch of them. If you don’t agree with them, they’re stupid.
But some people are real stupid. I’m listening to the college radio station in my car before. A talk show starts and the guy is talking about the Presidential election and how he’s trying to make sense out of it. Dude, if you can’t figure this out by now there’s no hope for you. He goes on to say how he listens to MSNBS and CNN and every once in awhile he’ll checkout FOX. Then he goes on to say that FOX is the problem cause they agree with Trump and defend him all the time.
I have no problem with that. He’s right. You know what FOX is. A right wing channel. What this guy fails to realize, and what bugs me is that MSNBC and CNN are left channels. He thinks they’re down the middle.
These channels aren’t news channels. They’re entertainment channels. They say a little of the news then comment on them for your entertainment.
As long as you see this, you’re fine. If you hate one channel and love the other, you got problems.

Group Selfies

What is it with group selfies? You take a bunch of people, somebody stands in front of them and takes a  picture and everybody either looks normal or bored.
That same group will take a group selfie and they act like idiots.

Getting High

“I don’t smoke weed anymore. I get high naturally. I hang around the pot farms and smell the air.”

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Heavy Metal Meets The Grateful Dead

I just came back from Best Buy. My computer is giving me problems and I don’t think it’s gonna last long so I went to checkout some new ones.
While I was there I was looking at the basket they have of discount CD’s.  As I’m looking I hear some lady say, “Pretty soon they’ll be no CD’s left.” I walked over there, looking at what CD’s they have left and she starts talking to me about the lack of CD’s in the store. I tell her, I have to buy most of my CD’s online. She said she don’t like to do that but she might have to. I asked her what CD she was looking for and she said the new Bon Jovi. Then she said it’s not really her type of music. I asked here what her type of music was and she said Heavy Metal. She looked like she was in her 60’s, and she mentioned that her grandkids  new more about computers then her. She asked me what music I listened to and I said The Grateful Dead. Then we both kind of stared at each other kind of strangely. Then we both went our own ways.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Beatle Question

 This Beatle cup I have is a montage of Beatle stuff with part of this word behind them. I have no idea what this means. There's a couple of letters before it but can't make them out because they're hidden by The Beatles.