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Lets Go Yankees

Even Beethoven is a Yankee fan.

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Engelbert Humperdinck

  I saw Engelbert Humperdinck last night at the Westbury Theater. It's a theater in the round. When I first went in I didn't see any instruments on stage. My worst fears were going to come true. He's going to sing to a tape. But then off the stage, I saw the drum set and other instruments. I was so relieved.
 It's Engelbert's 50'th Anniversary tour. He made a lot of jokes about his age. At one point the two female backup singers came on stage and he was dancing with them. The the guitar player came on stage for a solo and the dancers left Engelbert for the guitar player and Engelbert was standing there with a "what the hell is going on" look on his face.
 The concert itself was really good. He's 81 and still has a really good voice. One thing I noticed when he sang. A lot of concerts I go to, the singer's lips are hitting the mic. Engelbert held the mic away from his mouth.
 He sang a lot of his greatest hits and the crowd sang along with him, especially on "Please Release Me."
 It wasn't a concert I would normally go to but I was glad I went. His singing was good, he was funny, the band was good and I saw a legend.